Urban gardening- the method

Urban gardening is a smart, innovative approach to domestic garden design. Above all we regard your garden as an inseparable part of your home environment. Our garden are therefore designed and built with architectural tools.

People and personal lifestyles, needs and wishes are at the heart of our design process. Every garden is accordingly customized to the owners’ needs. It should fulfill the wishes of each and every family member and be honed to their personal touch.

When you plant an urban garden, the living environment in your home grows. The garden is an extra space outdoors. This may be divided to a variety of different zones with pergolas or under the open skies, so you may enjoy the starlight every night.

Urban gardening is suitable for town and country homes. Urban gardening can apply a great variety of styles and elements even on the smallest porch or backyard. Your garden can include sustainable, environment friendly plants, water, outdoor sculptures, paving, shading and furniture. We believe in easy and cost effective maintenance so your outdoor haven stays clean and tidy at all times.

In order to make the garden an inseparable part of your home we must pay attention to every detail and create a perfect balance between indoor and outdoor spaces.  To achieve this we cooperate with your personal architect or internal designer according to these goals:

  • Functionality- A garden should be designed to be functional and versatile
  • A living environment- we wish to include a rich variety of plants, comfortable furniture and paved areas for your leisure.
  • Your personal needs are important to us- every adult or child in your family takes part in the garden’s planning. The garden may include an open kitchen with a barbecue grill, an open dining area complete with furniture, a bathing area and hot tub, a bar for entertaining guests, a children’s recreation area with a tree house, and even an outdoor TV corner with an optional shed for rainy days.