Who we are

Our names are Aviel and Ilya and we are partners for over a decade. We started working together as undergraduate students. In 2006 we started Green Touch and since then we have become experts in designing, building and maintaining cutting edge urban gardens,

Aviel has many years of work experience as a plantation manager. He contributes his great expertise in vegetation and gardening project management to our team. Aviel specializes in the variety of plant species that thrive in Israel. He applies his knowledge in many unique and complex gardening projects.

Ilya was born in Russia and immigrated to Israel. He was raised in an artistic family, always around woodworking, sculpture and fine carpentry. He has real love to wood and anything that could be designed from it. Ilya is an expert in all wood crafts. He plans, builds and repairs wooden floors, decks, pergolas, fences, furniture and other elements of carpentry and design.

What we do

Green Touch is the leading Isreali firm for smart urban gardening solutions. Urban gardening creates a vibrant and inspiring living environment in the city or country. We design and plant gardens in all sizes and in every possible setting. Our gardens can be used as an extra living area in your home, an inspiring oasis for you and your guests, which is cherished and loved by every person that sets foot in it.

All in all, Green Touch sees the garden as an extra living area in your home. This area functions along with other domestic spaces. As such, we design gardens with architectural tools, just as an architect or internal designer plans a kitchen or bedroom.

Our team works along with you, the client, through all the stages of the gardening process, from the basic decisions to the actual process, until we are ready to unveil the finished garden. We plan ahead and consider every need according to your personal schedule. Above all we are committed to quality workmanship and use the best materials and plants.

Many of our clients are glad to recommend us. We hope to see you too!