Urban gardening- the method

Urban gardening is a smart, innovative approach to domestic garden design. Above all we regard your garden as an inseparable part of your home environment. Our garden are therefore designed and built with architectural tools.

People and personal lifestyles, needs and wishes are at the heart of our design process. Every garden is accordingly customized to the owners’ needs. It should fulfill the wishes of each and every family member and be honed to their personal touch. read more>>

Urban Gardening: For Whom?

An urban garden is the perfect solution for people who want to add green sparkle to their life. It is terrific for people who wish for a spacious place for their guests and see their garden as an inseparable part of their home environment. It is generally suitable for people in need for an extra outdoor area ready to enjoy right here and now.read more>>

The Urban Garden – A Unique Environment

  • Rigorous and particular design – being attentive to minute details is a basic principle of urban gardening read more>>