Tzur Yitzhak

A garden to experience as it transforms along with the seasons

The outdoor area is divided to several ‘rooms’. You may pass between the rooms through sumptuous door like pergolas covered by aromatic greenery and ivy. Sauntering on this garden’s gravel paths is experienced as a relaxing walk in the calm countryside.

The central attraction of garden is a one of a kind antique door salvaged from an old building that we hung over an ivy covered wall.

The plants used in this garden were carefully selected for their European appearance. We chose trees that shed brightly colored autumn leaves and bring about the inspiring experience of seasons changing.

Area: 400M2

Photographed by: Moshi Gitlis

Design concept: The garden is adjacent to a rustically designed house. A green sanctuary and place of refuge, this garden is an ideal chill out zone to relax in and walk after an exhausting workday.