Ramat Ha-Sharon

A Multifunctional garden – cool vibrations

This functional garden includes a wooden deck with an array of Italian sandstone planters with fruit bearing trees. The tall trees in the planters make the open air garden seem taller and spacious. The focal point is a large water fountain and pool which is visible from every first floor window. A high and solid oak bar area serves as a permanent hub for guests, lounging, entertaining and cozy leisure.

The full grown fruit bearing trees in the planters blur the towering walls surrounding the garden and paint them green. At the planters’ edges we added plants and ivy that flow downwards and bloom in bright colors almost all year long.

Area: 300M2

Architect: Orly Sharm

Photographed by: Neri Topachu

Design concept: A variety of movable chairs, couches, benches and other furniture set in an oasis for a variety of uses.